Arrows & Errors
Nov 3 - 12, 2017

University Settlement, Speyer Hall

Created by Jillian Sweeney, in collaboration with Jodi Bender, Laurie Berg, Tara O'Con and Lindsay Reuter and in association with Immediate Medium

ARROWS & ERRORS is a two-part dance. Part one builds from a collective muscle memory of hops, glides and snaps, reminding us of old social line dances, rhythm tap, and the improvisations embedded in the ways performers converse with audiences. Part two unfolds in recurring waves, dropping dancers in and out of a series of challenging tasks that reshuffle memory and test personal limits. Together, ARROWS & ERRORS aims to widen a space of discovery between a shared history we record and the individual ways our bodies remember.

Additional credits: Dramaturgical support from Jeffrey Cranor; Sound consultation by Robert Ramirez; Lighting by Vincent Vigilante

Vulture-Wally (2013)

Incubator Arts Project
St. Marks Church-in-the-Bowery / 2nd Floor / 131 East 10th St.

Vulture-Wally is a dance piece that uses spoken word, song, and dialog to create a long-form poem about who owns our bodies and who authors our stories. Based on the 19th century Austrian Alps folk novel Geier-Wally, the dance dissects the melodramatic hero(ine) by examining individual body parts and pairing the movement with deconstructed classic film scores.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This show moves throughout the theater and invites you to move with it, so wearing comfortable shoes and attire is suggested. Fixed seating options will be available for those in need. Run time: 65 minutes

Vulture-Wally is made possible by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council's Swing Space program.

Choreography: Jillian Sweeney with performers
Performers: Siobhan Burke, Lydia Chrisman, Jillian Sweeney, Tara Willis
Music of: Bernard Hermann
Writers: Jillian Sweeney & Jeffrey Cranor
Direction: Jeffrey Cranor

this could be it (2009)
A multi-media solo riffing on a series of out-of-body moments Jillian actually experienced and involving a landscape of bell chimes, radio waves, breakfast cereal, and imagined movies.

Performed & co-written by: Jillian Sweeney
Co-written & directed by: Jeffrey Cranor
Sound & video by: Brian Rogers
Lighting by: Chloe Z. Brown
Presented by: The Chocolate Factory
script excerpt (PDF)

furies are circuitous (2008)
A dance duet as a winding path of bodies, particularly the sort of fast and furious winding that happens when arms entwine.

Performed by: Tara O'Con & Jillian Sweeney
Original music by: Jason Sebastian
Presented by: DanceNow Festival

imaginary lines (2007)
A dance theater solo about a home-bound woman who swings between the hyper-real and surreal amidst floor plans, body maps, origami chairs, and installation art.

Performed by: Jillian Sweeney
Co-written & directed by: Jeffrey Cranor
Set by: Jillian Sweeney & Jeffrey Cranor
Lighting by: Ayumu Poe Saegusa
Presented with support from: HERE Arts Center
script excerpt (PDF)

close (2005)
A duet of comings and goings and of walks, runs, reverse runs, rolls, gestures, one lift and one embrace.

Performed by: students at Smith College
Music by: Kilowatts
Set & Lighting by: Dan Rist
Presented by: Smith College